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St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
Ignite!  Feb 23, 6:30PM, Denning Hall

Sharing Our Stories Of Faith

At St. Paul the Apostle we want to get each other in touch with stories of faith.  We desire our community to be one that is willing to share ways that Christ has touched our lives so as to effectively share the Gospel. As the USCCB points out:



"We all have—and are—stories of faith, for through the Spirit, the Gospel of Jesus Christ takes hold of us in the proclamation of his Word, and Jesus touches us in the celebration of his sacraments. When this genuinely happens, we are all set ablaze by his love. We can understand evangelization in light of these stories of faith: namely, how we have been changed by the power of Christ's word and sacraments and how we have an essential role in sharing that faith through our daily lives as believers."

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Go & Make Disciples



Each week, in our bulletin, we interview a parishioner and hear more of their story.  Check out our links on the right to read various parishioners' stories of encountering Christ in meaningful ways.