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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Saturday, January 25.  Sign up today for this fun evening of friendship, fellowship, and delicious food.  What a fun evening of getting to know fellow parishioners.  Sign up today!


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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 2020



Have you ever seen someone at St. Paul's and thought, "I'd love to get to know that person more…" ,  or have you looked around the room and thought "I wish I had more of a chance to sit down and chat with some of these folks..."?  Well get ready for that opportunity!!!  Join us for a night of food, fun and fellowship with a twist! 

St. Paul the Apostle is hosting its' second "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner" event.  This is an event designed for our community to become better acquainted with each other.  You won't know which St. Paul's friends, new or old, will be at dinner with you until the evening.  When guests come to Denning Hall at 5:30, they will receive an envelope with the address of the host home who will serve them and other guests dinner. 

If you sign up to host we will contact you to share more details. Hosts can let us know how many they are able to have in their home (up to six guests). Hosts will be responsible for serving the meal and guests will be asked to bring a a side dish.  Guests will receive a complimentary phone call as to what side dish to bring (closer to the actual date).  

Arrive at Denning Hall at 5:30pm on Jan 25th for your assignment and depart shortly thereafter for your dinner destination.

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This is a PARISH WIDE event welcome to singles, couples and adults of any age.  The exciting thing about this night is getting to sit down at a meal with a completely random group (the names will be drawn from a hat) in attendance at the host persons home.  We look forward to intermingling and intergenerational dialogue.  All adults welcome!