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Phase 3 Feasibility Study

St. Paul the Apostle has a long history of forming young people in the faith through our wonderful parish school.  We continue to be committed to providing excellent Catholic education for many years to come.  In 2016,  St. Paul the Apostle conducted the Glorifying God in Gratitude and Gift capital campaign to fund renovations of the church and much needed facility improvements at the school.  At that time, we did not raise enough money to complete the final phase of our facilities master plan to construct a Fine Arts wing at the main school building. 

In 2008, the Fine Arts classes were temporarily moved to the Early Learning Center to provide space for an expanded 4 year old preschool program.  The Early Learning Center was originally the parish convent and the Fine Arts classrooms are less than ideal for their current use.  Additionally, each student loses approxiamtely 31 hours of instructional time each year because they must travel between buildings for these classes.  In order to provide the best enviroment for Fine Arts instruction and to maintain our educational excellence, the need for a Fine Arts wing is still a priority.

A few weeks ago, the diocese began a feasibility study concerning a potential capital campaign to fund priest retirement and vocations.

In an effort to be good stewards, parish leadership is seeking parishioner input to discern how to move forward with these two worthwhile goals.  Your input is invaluable in determining how to proceed.

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In 2016, St. Paul the Apostle conducted the Glorifying God in Gratitude & Gift capital campaign to fund the restoration of the church and facility improvements to the school. Did you make a pledge to the campaign?*
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At that time, what was your level of support for the goals of the campaign?*
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Parish leadership is considering continuing the Glorifying God in Gratitude & Gift capital campaign to finish the goals of the Facilities Master Plan by building a much needed Fine Arts wing to the school. What is your level of support for this goal?*
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If St Paul's moves forward with this campaign, how would your pledge compare to your previous pledge?*
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If there is a diocesan capital campaign next year to fund priest retirement and vocations, would this affect your pledge to a St. Paul campaign?*
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Would you please estimate what range of pledge you might consider if St. Paul's embarks on a capital campaign over a 3 year period?
This is NOT a solicitation, and you are NOT bound by your answer. However an indication of your possible support is critical in allowing us to gauge St. Paul's ability to accomplish our goal.
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.  Your input is greatly appreciated!

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