St. Paul's Liturgical Ministries

St. Paul’s has many ministries, and you are welcome to help bring our Good Word of God to all.  Please contract the ministry leaders listed below:


Ushers - Matthew Kopel at [email protected]

 Lectors - Nancy Gradin at 563-210-7461

 Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion - Erin Darland at 563-508-2808

 Sacristan - Michelle Herrington at 563-322-7994 or [email protected]

Live stream Mass for our homebound parishioners - Jeanne Sodawasser at 563-322-7994 or [email protected]

 Babysit at our 11AM Mass - Katie Pedersen at [email protected]

 Children’s Liturgy of the Word - Jen Brooke at [email protected]