Common Ground: Faith Forum

"Be strong in the Lord and in his Mighty Power." 
Ephesians 6:10
Have you ever found yourself desperately clinging to this passage in the midst of all the things happening in our world today, from a pandemic to all of the division?  Do you walk around in a world that is stressed out, tense and lacks a bit of the joy it once knew?  We cannot get discouraged!  We cannot throw our hands up in the air, or adopt an "us vs. them" or "Christian vs. culture" mentality.  We cannot thing of it as a "Christ vs. culture" but as "Christ transforming culture."
We need each other.  We need the courage and fortitude to learn and grow in all of these things.  For many months the St. Paul's Staff have been talking about how to help our parishioners navigate hard things that the world is throwing our way - sexuality, gender fluidity, social media, pornography, and the dramatic shift away from faith and church.  We don't have a blueprint for some of the things we are dealing with in this world.  As Catholics trying to live our faith on a daily basis, it can be confusing, frustrating, and at times isolating.  
Enter Common Ground: Faith Forum.  Our hope is to gather in friendship  once a month around a meal and address the prevailing cultural issues that leave us uncertain how to proceed.  No doubt it will be messy.  It might bring up emotions, but believe that we will be connected and unified by the power of Christ that lives within our community.  These nights are an opportunity for us to come together as parishioners, united in Christ's love, to have conversations about real life issues we are navigating.  This is not a place for debating or campaigning.  No finger pointing or scapegoating.  Common Ground: Faith Forum is about informing ourselves about difficult issues in light of Catholic teaching.  We will listen and be listened to.  We will discuss and support each other as we explore living our Catholic faith in the world.  


Please join us on Wednesday, January 19, for our next Common Ground: Faith Forum.  Our topic will be "Navigating the World of Technology for Ourselves and Future Generations."

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