St. Paul The Apostle Church

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
Christmas Mass Times; Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24; 4:00pm Church & Denning Hall, 7:00pm, 10:00pm Church.  Christmas Morning, Tuesday, December 25; 9:00am

Living Our Mission


“Go and make disciples of all nations. . .”

Matthew 28:19


We at St. Paul the Apostle are all about FORMING INTENTIONAL DISCIPLES. The diamond of discipleship is our game plan for accomplishing this mission. We believe that every disciple is called to encounter Christ personally, to follow Him passionately, to discover their unique calling, and to serve the world accordingly. We do this by being intentional with every person, process and program. Why? Because we love God and honor the Great Commission He gave us.



The spiritual journey begins with a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. These encounters change our hearts, set us ablaze for Christ and reorient our lives to Him. What we do on this “baseline” creates opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work as people encounter Jesus and open their eyes to the LOVE of God that transforms their lives, helping them to “fall in love” with the Risen Savior. Through continual encounter and conversion, our hearts are set ablaze and our relationship with God is renewed. be a disciple.

After the initial encounter with the Lord, the LEARN stage of spiritual development helps people develop the habits of the heart and head that ensures growth in their relationship with Jesus. People in this stage learn to pray, to read the Scriptures, to receive the Sacraments with heart fully opened, to fellowship with other disciples, to listen to the still small voice of God and draw the courage to follow Jesus daily. Our goal in this stage is to form vibrant, mature and disciplined followers of Christ.


LIVE...your calling.

This stage in the spiritual journey is all about discernment. It assumes that the individual is a mature disciple and poses the questions, “What is my unique calling in this community? How do my own gifts and affinities apply to the world at large? What unique role is God calling me to?” The Church’s work in this stage provides a process of discernment whereby each disciple can discover how their deepest passions intersect with the world’s greatest needs to give glory to God.


LAUNCH...into the world.

Once a disciple discovers his/her calling, it is now time to get to work! They are ready to be LAUNCHED into the world to serve others according to their gifts and passions. They are sent into the world to intentionally engage others, building authentic relationships, and sharing the gospel in the organic context of their daily lives. The Church’s work in this stage is to provide intentional disciples an opportunity to live out their calling, to press into the true self, the person God created us to be.