Small Group Census Survey

Are you in or interested in small groups? We need your feedback!

Small groups are a great way to share life with others and develop authentic Christian friendships. They can help us stay motivated and accountable to becoming the disciples Jesus calls each of us to be. Over recent years there have been many different small group opportunities at St. Paul’s. Some examples of groups that have been offered include Invest or other groups for married couples, Bible studies, Exodus 90 groups, groups required for Confirmation, table groups that continue to meet after CEW, Emmaus groups or discipleship quads, devotional prayer groups, book study groups, groups for Advent or Lent, groups specifically for youth or young adults…the list goes on and on.

With so many different opportunities and organically forming groups, it’s easy to lose track of all that’s happening and where we can continue to grow and support intentional small group communities within our parish and get new people involved.  That’s where you come in.



We're asking all parishioners (high schoolers and older) to complete a Small Group Census Survey to help us further enrich and expand participation in small group communities

Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand things like:

(1) How many groups are currently active and meeting regularly? 

(2) Who all is involved in these groups? 

(3) What are the formats, structures, and time commitments of various groups? 

(4) Which groups are open to welcoming new members? 

(5) Where are areas we need to grow and perhaps develop new groups?

So, if you have been or are currently involved in one or more of the small groups as described above, we want to hear from you! We're not looking to disrupt things or take over. We simply want to touch base and hear how it's going, discover what's working, and help with any 

resources or guidance you may need.


If you’re interested in small groups but have never been in one before or are not currently active in one, we’d love to hear from you and get you plugged into a group that would fit your interests, schedule, and season of life.


If you’ve never considered joining a small group, or are not interested right now, we’d like to hear more about that. What logistical or other challenges stand in your way or make you hesitant to join? Others are likely in a similar spot. Your feedback may be invaluable in helping us come up with creative solutions and new ideas that will allow us to reach more people.

So no matter who you are, or what your interest level in small groups may be, please fill out the small group census survey linked on our website or by visiting If you’re new to groups or only involved in one or two, it shouldn’t take more than 5-8 minutes to complete. Thanks in advance for your time and input to help us better support our existing small groups and help everyone in our parish find a safe and authentic community to share life experiences and grow in faith as disciples of Jesus.  For more information or questions about the survey or small groups, contact Brett Adams, Director of Discipleship at [email protected].