St. Paul The Apostle Church

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
Welcome Summer and welcome everyone to Mass.  Our Mass times are Monday & Friday, 6:30 am, Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30 am, Wednesday, Adoration at 5 pm, Mass at 6 pm, Saturday 8:30 am (first Saturday of the month, & 4:30pm, and Sunday 9 am & 11 am.  Please join us.

Keeping Our Faith Strong

Keeping our faith strong through these uncertain times can be tricky.  We do not know know if our life of 'normalcy' will ever be the same.  But we do know if we keep our faith strong, God will always be there.  


The faith we share is a communal faith.  Like a “good” virus, it spreads from people to people.  Now, however, we need to protect ourselves and those who are most vulnerable from this new (novel), dangerous, life-threatening Covid 19 Coronavirus.  This means that we must hunker down, keep ourselves physically distant from one another and take the necessary precautions to prevent ourselves from getting this virus and/or spreading it to others.


How can we keep our faith strong during times like this?  Do not be afraid!!  We must remember that throughout history, God never abandoned His people:

  • When the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt – God rescued them.
  • When Israel was devastated by Babylon. When Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed and the people were exiled in a foreign country, God never abandoned them.  When external signs of God’s presence (like the temple) were gone and the people felt alone, God upheld them.
  • At the Cross, when all seemed lost, Jesus died … but three days later he rose from the dead!
  • When the disciples were ridiculed, tortured and put to death, a new Church was being born on the faith of those early martyrs. 
  • Throughout our history, the Catholic Church has survived persecution, disease, famine, and abuse. 

God is with us!  Do not be afraid.  We are all in this together!


We need to use this time to draw close to Jesus in prayer, silence, reflection and meditation.  If you have children, please pray with them and exercise patience.  All this isolation and social distancing will pass … and we can become better, stronger and more faithful if we use this time to grow closer to God.  We are never alone – the Saints and Angels accompany us!  God will never abandon us.  Do not be afraid.