St. Paul The Apostle Church

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
CEW; Christian Experience Weekend.  Women's February 22 - 24, Men's March 8 - 10.  Registration online or by calling the Parish Office.

Meet our Capital Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs

We are very grateful for the support and legacy of service  embodied by the Capital Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs. 


Jack and Joyce Arth: (not pictured)  The Arths moved to Davenport in 1977 and have been members of St. Paul's for 39 years.  When they first arrived here, two of their children were in high school and went to Assumption while the younger two attended St. Paul's School.  Joyce was most involved in various aspects of volunteering for the school and church.  Jack and Joyce share that "after thirty nine years of friendships and involvement, St. Paul's is very dear to us.  The school and church friendships that we have had here and all the Sacraments we've received, our children and us, it's just been like a home to us."


Pat and Fran Driscoll: Pat and Fran joined St. Paul's in 1978.  All six of their children and now, three (soon to be five) grandchildren were/are students at St. Paul School (SPS).  Over the years they were involved with things like School Board, CEW, the liturgical ministries, RCIA, adult education and many other things.  Pat and Fran are endorsing the campaign because "We believe our facilities need to be maintained and upgraded, and that all parish members who are able to help and participate should do so.  Upon learning of the many needs of the church and school buildings it was easy to commit to supporting this campaign.  The pride we take in our parish facilities is not unlike how we feel about our homes.  It serves as an indication of our commitment to our families and the importance of our lives lived there.  How much greater even is what takes place in the space where we worship and encounter God.  Committing to this campaign is one way to offer praise and thanksgiving for the countless blessings we enjoy."


Deacon Bob McCoy and Pat McCoy: The McCoys shared that four generations of their family have worshiped at St. Paul the Apostle.  Over the years, Pat was involved with music, Altar and Rosary and the prayer shawl ministry.  Deacon Bob has been part of parish council, maintenance, CEW and assisted in the role of a Deacon for the parish.  The McCoys believe that "the church and school need to be a safe and inviting area to encourage involvement.  The parish has served thousands of people over the last 107 years, maintaining and updating the church will ensure a positive and safe future.  The St. Paul's community has supported our family through many joyful and stressful times.  CEW was instrumental in Bob applying for the deaconate and CEW showed us the importance of community prayer."


Pat and Peg McCauley:  Peg and Pat have been members of St. Paul's for almost forty years.  They have a blended family of seven children and 13 grandchildren.  Their children attended SPS and they've been involved with CEW, parish council, coaching, RCIA and St. Paul's Works.  Pat also served as the St. Paul's youth minister for 12 years.  They believe in the campaign because "We want to continue and expand the wonderful work of faith formation and education our family has experienced at St. Paul's.  We feel it’s important to come together and create opportunities for youth and adults to be Catholic and influence those we work and socialize with.  This campaign has been a collaborative effort to understand what families want and need to worship, educate and congregate in their second home."  Throughout the year they have appreciated "the people and how welcome each of us felt when we left the area for a job and returned."  And rest assured, "the campaign is in (their) prayers."


Thank you so much for your continued  leadership in our community. 

We are so blessed to have such incredible witnesses of what it means to be an intentional disciple!