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Sacred Expressions: Cyndi Jarvis

“I have had a love for art most of my life,” Cyndi Jarvis says. But it wasn’t until a CEW retreat that her gifts became a very personal expression of the love of the Father. “I suddenly had a fire within me to know, love and serve God. Now in every piece I create I want the viewer to see God. It’s one of the greatest evangelization tools in the world!” she notes.


Cyndi wasn’t always on fire for God. Born and raised in Davenport, she admits that her faith background was a bit “shaky.” “I thought God was the one who would kinda check off all the bad things you did. Jesus was just an object on the wall. And the Holy Spirit? I would have said ‘a white bird.’”


Then everything changed. “It was like a Saul to Paul conversion for me,” Cyndi recalls. “I cried for two weeks afterwards. I finally realized it was the love of God. On that weekend, I started a personal relationship with Jesus.” Her prayer life soared. Mass suddenly came alive. She found herself looking forward to spending time alone with God – in nature, Adoration or at home.


Cyndi began to see her love for art in a whole new way. God was leading her to channel her gifts and personal experiences of God to showcase the ubiquitous beauty of the sacred. “There is a depth of vulnerability and an openness to the Spirit which allows me to put a piece of my heart and soul into everything I create. I want the viewer to desire to touch and feel the texture, depth and dimension.”


That’s why she helped put together the Sacred Art Show that is now in it’s 7th year at St. Pius Catholic Church in Rock Island. This is an opportunity to see a variety of artwork- illustrations, icons, drawings, paintings, and holy cards.  This year’s show will feature David Clayton, an internationally known artist, teacher, writer and broadcaster. He will share how sacred art shines the light of Christ in his presentation entitled “Way of Beauty”  at 3 pm Saturday, February 24.  The show will also give local artists (you don’t have to be a professional) to share their artistic talents – visual expressions of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, the saints and other aspects highlighting the Catholic tradition.


The show runs February 24th from 2-7pm and February 25th from 9am-2pm in Farrell Hall at St. Pius. A special musical workshop will be led by Mr. Clayton for anyone (choir members, teens, children) at 5:15pm on Saturday night entitled Chanting the Psalms of the Liturgy of the Hours. Have some art that you’d like to share? Apply online before Feb 19th by visiting his website: If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cyndi Jarvis at .