Ministry for the Changing Family

St. Paul the Apostle Ministry for the Changing Family


Our Mission

In the spirit of inclusion and acceptance exemplified by Christ, Himself, the St. Paul the Apostle Ministry for the Changing Family seeks to reach out to people who, because of divorce, single parenthood, or otherwise nontraditional family circumstances, have found their faith life waning.  Through one-to-one relationships, we seek to walk with those affected by changes in their family dynamic as they redefine their new normal, navigate new relationships, deal with their particular challenges, and, ultimately, as they rediscover a deeper faith and relationship with God and a renewed connection with a faith community.



Christ at the Center


Love.  We want to provide opportunities for people to encounter Jesus Christ in a way that reorients their lives toward Him.  Through relationships and the sharing of our stories with one another, we hope to open the door to conversions of the heart and the recognition that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by God.



Learn.  In order to develop the habits of the heart and head that create growth in our relationship with Christ, we will take time to pray, r
ead and discuss Scripture, The Joy of the Gospel, and other relevant materials through the lens of the special challenges faced by those touched by changing family circumstances.


Live.  We want people to discover the unique role God is calling them to within this ministry.  We hope to provide a platform for people to apply their gifts and affinities to the particular needs of those in the parish and the larger community.


Launch.  Once their callings are realized, we want people to take their gifts and launch out into the greater community to build authentic relationships, share the Gospel, and share the message of unconditional love and acceptance that is offered by the church and this ministry.  We want to bring people home.





How to Get Connected


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