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Master Plan Update

Once the Campus Master Plan for the parish was completed in May 2016, the Steier Group was selected to conduct a feasibility study to determine parishioner priorities concerning various parts of the Master Plan as well as to gauge support for a capital campaign.


Almost 300 parish families participated in the feasibility study by completing a personal interview, mail, online or in-pew survey. During the study, parishioners were asked to rate individual projects based on a priority of high, medium or low. If a project was rated high it was given a value of 10 points, medium was valued at 5 points and low priority projects received 1 point. These ratings were averaged to determine a point value for each project. Any project that received higher than 5 points was identified as a parish priority.


Thank you to everyone who provided us with such valuable feedback, which will assist us in shaping the future of our parish. Based on the information gathered, representatives from the Steier Group reported their findings to parish leadership on June 29. Some of the key findings are listed below (the link to Steier’s full report is in the sidebar):


  • 76 percent of the respondents are in favor of a capital campaign.
  • 77 percent of the respondents will make a financial contribution to a campaign.
  • 33 respondents indicated they would serve in a leadership position and assist with a capital campaign.
  • The highest priority projects at the church are preserving the stained glass windows, tuck-pointing the brickwork, and restoration and redesign of the nave.
  • The highest priority projects at the school are safety upgrades, improved handicapped accessibility, as well as additional classrooms and office space.
  • It was recommended that we develop a clear plan for how campaign funds will be used as well as to provide additional information, including cost, on each project.


After hearing the positive results of the feasibility study, parish leadership decided to move forward with a capital campaign. The Facilities Planning Committee reviewed the data gathered in the feasibility study to develop a realistic scope of work based on parishioner input and the amount of money we think we can raise.   We are now preparing a case statement with this information, which will be mailed to every parish household in mid-September.


Please pray for the success of this effort. With your help and commitment, we can build an even stronger faith community at St. Paul’s while leaving a legacy for generations to come.

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