Claire Gervase

Clare Gervase is a former Saint Paul the Apostle and Assumption High School student.  She  is currently a sophomore nursing student at Saint Louis University. This past June was her third summer in a row traveling to Grand Bois. Clare writes of her experiences in Grand Bois: “Every year I return I am greeted by many familiar faces, and meet beautiful new ones. As a nursing student, getting the chance to see the healthcare in Haiti and work alongside the amazing doctors and nurses of Gran Bois has been an opportunity of a lifetime. Every time I go, I hope to be able to make some sort of an impact, but these men, women, and children have made much more of an impact on me than I will ever be able to make on them.”


Clare does an exemplary job of sharing her God given talents with the people of Grand Bois. She spreads love and joy everywhere she goes!



Plans for a trip to Grand Bois in June, 2018 are now underway. If you’d like the opportunity to travel to Grand Bois, please contact Tara Greufe at [email protected] or Don Blough at [email protected]



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