Tom Brooke

Building a Better Future for Those in Need



Since 2012, St. Paul’s parishioner Tom Brooke has been launching his faith into action by recruiting groups of volunteers to help build and repair homes for partner families through our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.


Tom is well aware of how blessed he is by being able to share his time serving.  He says “having worked occasionally in construction and other carpentry-related jobs, I've always enjoyed applying my skills to projects, where I can learn and do some lasting good.”  He is also grateful that the volunteers who help don’t need professional building experience to participate. He enjoys working side by side with them and learning new skills together by swapping building knowledge.


To Tom, “The most enjoyable part of working on a Habitat build is meeting and visiting with the homeowners to hear their stories firsthand.  These are people, who started out with very little and have struggled to just get by – But through faith and the support of a motivated Christian community, they have overcome their setbacks.  It’s inspiring to see their strength, determination and joy as they work on building something amazing out of what they have been given from God, like a living example of the parable of the talents.”


If you’d like to learn more about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or are interested in joining Tom on a build this spring, please contact him at (563)650-2389 or via email at [email protected].