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Nomination Form


Invitation to Leadership


Visionary parish leaders are intentional disciples with a heart for evangelization, who practice prayerful discernment and are deeply committed to St. Paul the Apostle parish. Do you know someone (maybe it’s you) who fits this description and would be a good member of a commission? If so, submit their name so that he or she can be invited to participate in a discernment process. Please return this form to the parish office or place it in the box in the Gathering Space by June 30.


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Discerning Future Commission Members:

Qualities for Missional Leadership



1) Intentional Disciples


This is the first and most important quality for commission members. Our parish mission is clear: to make intentional disciples, transformed by God’s love, learned in the “heart and habits” of discipleship, being aware of their unique gifts, and launched into the world to share Christ and build the kingdom. We can’t give what we don’t have. So we must take particular care in discerning those candidates who witness a dynamic, personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship should be plainly observable in a commitment to prayer, study of the Word, active participation in liturgy and the Sacraments, and commitment to service.


2) Heart for Evangelization

Commission members must properly understand, and have a heart for evangelization, the very identity and vocation of the Church. Their work on any commission will have the same consummate goal: to evangelize, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all peoples, to share the life and hope they have in Jesus with the world.


3) Prayerful Discernment

Commission members do not depend on their own understanding but submit themselves to the direction of the Lord through constant prayer and discernment. They commit to both personal and corporate prayer that they might seek the face of the Lord, hear his voice, and beckon the courage to follow.


4) Commitment to St. Paul the Apostle Parish

While the Catholic Church is a glorious and universal body, our commitment to the Lord manifests itself in a particular place, in a particular community. Commission members have a clear understanding of their commitment to this particular community and will embody that commitment through worship and presence, service and prayer for the sake of this parish.


5) Visionary Leadership

Commission members are leaders. Having heard the word of God and having developed a collaborative plan of action to follow that leading, commission members inform, inspire and influence others who will execute that work “on the ground.” Commission members are not “busy bees” but visionary leaders with an ear to God and a pulse on the signs of the times.